Instrumentation Services

Instrumentation is key to all engineering facilities in order to ensure that key variables are being monitored. At Wangemas, we provide an array of solutions for your instrumentation needs. 

  • Installation of Instrument Panels, Cabinets, Marshalling Rack, Operator Consoles, Printers, DCS/PLC and Local Control Panels

  • Installation of Cable Tray, Duct Work, Cabling and Wiring Work, Conduit Pipiing Work and Supporting Work

  • Installation of Local Instrument, Board, Flow, Level, Pressure, Temperature, Analyzer, Gauge and Miscellaneous Instruments

  • Installation of Pressure Lead Piping and Tubing Work

  • Installation of Air Supply Pricing, Signal Tubing, Steam Trace Tubing and Power Gas Piping Work

  • Pressure Safety Valve Popping Test to ASME Section VIII UG- 134 and Leakage Test to API 527 Specification

  • Calibration and Loop Check of Flow, Level, Pressure, Temperature, Gauges and Miscellaneous Instruments, including Valve Seat Leak Test and Sequence Test

  • Field Test, Inspection and Pre-commisioning Work

Electrical Services

As an experienced engineering firm, we provide a range of services from installation, to field testing. Below is a list of services that we have provided for our clients


Mechanical & Engineering Services

We have provided mechanical services to clients that have requirements ranging from the installation of the Air Conditioning and Ventilation System, to Fire Fighting Systems. 


Project Management & Construction Supervision

As an engineering firm, we specialize in a multitude of engineering services and have been involved in numerous ...


Procurement, Inspection, Expediting and Others

With more than 35 years of experience, Wangemas is one of the local engineering companies in Malaysia. Throughout the years, we have amassed plenty of experience and knowledge in project management.